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Serk Designs

Target Audience

Serk Designs is an E-commerce website to sell custom built casino gambling table for private use. The site is targeted towards adults in their 20s and 30s that have an interest in poker, blackjack, various other casino like games.

Objective or Challenge

The website needed to be designed and developed from scratch. A database needed to be setup to hold the information relating to the products. Products needed to viewed from the website, and have the ability to be added to a shopping cart and go through a checkout process.


The website to need to fit for its target market, so I decided to incorporate many aspects of gambling as design elements used to be used in the site. The background is a textured green to simulate the felt used on many casino tables. Poker chips, playing cards, and other aspects of poker tables were used as decorative borders for the content containers. Header images of people have fun while gambling were also used throughout the website to emerse the user in the casino world that can be brought to their own home. Also a database need to be setup and planned to hold all the products as well as order information regarding recent purchases made by customers.

Using PHP and MYSQL, products are displayed on dynamic pages with images of the item as well as any information that is associated with that product. The user has the ability to choose was options they want to come with the table they are choosing to purchase. Also on the side, there is a listing of other tables the user may be interested if the table they come to browse, isn’t the one they are looking for. These tables are displayed using PHP and MYSQL as well. Should the user decide to add an item to their shopping cart, a session is created to temporarily save the information of the products until they are ready to checkout. The checkout process involves a confirmation of the items they want to order and a customer information form that is submitted to the database.


Hi there! My name is Bryant and I'm a southern california native that's been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2011. I enjoy a good challenge, learning new things, and pride myself in being a fast learner. I consider myself a problem solver, always looking for ways to improve and optimize things. In my personal time, I like spending time with my family, watching football and Formula 1.

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